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From a today to a tomorrow
– a calling for demonstration of the first of may –

A lot of things changed since the first confirmation of Covid19 during November of 2019. „Flatten the curve“ brought a lot of complications along. At the start there was hope, neighbours where helping each other, making music and giving applause to the nurses in the hospitals. On the other hand people started to hoarding toilet paper. Anger rose due to the constantly changing covid rules, a steadily increasing unemployment rate, homeschooling which meant a lot more stress for those who have to take care of their kids. Loneliness, gatherings and platforms for the ill minded and extraordinary sales for online giants like amazon.

Furthermore the pandemic made one thing clear: The various contradictions of a globally established capitalism, which includes an unstable market, who keeps the consumers chained to the producers will. If the rich west stops buying cheap clothes the ones producing them are the first ones (mostly females in working for minimum wages), who start to suffer. German world class travellers weren’t able to haunt their beloved beaches, which lead to a breakdown of the tourism industry. Those who’re working in those countries, aren’t getting payed hus are unable to buy german products. Scientifical studies are proof that the pandemic risk is directly connected to capitalist production. It seems that not only the course of the covid19 pandemic is affecting the economy, but it also is a reason for its outburst. Will it be possible to take the right steps in the future instead of just going back into old habits? Surely not without the voice of people who demand changes!

„Not one social change has been made without a revolution.“

The tradition of the first of may goes back to Chicago in 1886. After a public happening the people went to strike for an eight hour day. This lead to the tragic death of 6 workers by the hand of the police on the third of may. Following these events, the cops arrested 8 orators as ringleaders, of whom four where hung and another one committed to suicide. Those who where left over were granted pardon six years later. In memory of those who had given their lives the first of may was declared as the „fighting day of the working class“ in 1889.

„Revolution is only a thought, which calls for action.“

To this day it is our duty to take action in hand when it comes to creating a better live. Stop applauding at your windows and lets join our forces on the street.

Dont wait!

Make tommorrows dreams todays reality.

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